茅ヶ崎店】Sakai Naoki 20年05月23日

Cloudy, warm day at Southern Beach!  I put on a pair of Schwalbe One tan sidewall tires onto my Brompton.  The special edition tires originally put on the Brompton CHPT3 bicycles, are now available as a tire for Brompton. The Tan sidewall is distinctive in color and the tire itself is an upgrade over the 20" Kojak's I had on. They cost 8800 yen +TAX, each. Tubes go for 1000 yen +TAX, each.








The drivetrain has to be taken apart, so I decided to give the parts a bath and cleaned up the muck and dirt in the nooks and crany's.  There was a decent amount of old grease and sand, everywhere.  It was laid once in the sand, I believe, by my daughter, and the sand lingers forever if not taken apart and cleaned.  Changing tires on the Brompton for the very first time, so it was another learning experience for me. 








So, anyways, got the tires on, cleaned up the bicycle and it rides well.  Very smooth and looks great.  I took the bicycle to Yokohama and rode it a bit, took a few pics.  They contrast nicely with the red, blue and white frame.  Giving the Brompton new shoes is fun!!  We're open at Y's Road Chigasaki from 11:00-18:00 on weekends and 12:00-19:00 on weekdays.  Tuesday is our day off.  Have a nice day!! :)